Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy developed by the expert at assists the consumers, businesses as well as general public to protect their personal and private information particulars given to us. Now we have created a privacy policy dogged through the health care support and goods offered by us.

What information (personal or private), we always serve you in wonderful manner?

We usually gather the common information from our customers:

1 - Name, contact information comprising of contract number and email address

2 - Geographic information including interests, postcode and preferences

3 - Additional information concern with customer surveys and offers

4 - Certainly no promotional messages or mail

We assure that we will never send you any sort of marketing emails as well as goods marketing emails to our customers. But we send you email to mention any of the latest supplements that are simply new and pioneering only when you have included our promotional mailing deal. Our customer information will be safeguarded against selling of information or any misuse.
Being a reputed company, we will never indulge in nasty works like sharing or selling our customer information submitted on our site. The information comprises of:

1 - Correspondence address

2 - Phone numbers

3 - Email address

4 - Customer identity

We respect our customers as well as end user’s confidentiality and privacy therefore we never disclose or share information like bank account, credit card or many others when the customer enclose when they want to order a product. Our customer’s details are protected by making use of leading technologies. Even single information will never be sold to the third person.

How we safeguard your information? portal is making use of TLS or Transport Layer Security along with its precursor SSL or Secure Sockets Layer are regarded as the cryptographic protocols which offer safe communication on the internet platform for various things like instant messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and many more uses. Since, email is not a secure medium for communication so we do not allow the users to send private information via email. We request for the information through our site which is protected through SSL.

Utterly No junk e-mail:
Along with our privacy policy, we will never inform your name, id or email address to unknown person and so you will not receive unrequested emails. If customer does not like to get any marking or promotional emails then they can make use of opt-out mechanism to unsubscribe receiving those mails.

What about other sites connected to our site? is not responsible for any kind of practice engaged by other sites connected with our site. Customarily links to other sites are offered exclusively as cursors to information on topics which might be helpful for the users of our site. Please bear in mind that while you click the link to visit other site from our site, our privacy polity will not help you. Your interaction and browsing other sites addition to those sites which includes link on our site is considered as issue to our own website policies and rules.