Women with unwanted pregnancy who wish to end their pregnancy should be aware of the types of abortion that are usually performed. There are different ways of abortion which depend on the number of weeks or days a woman is pregnant. An ultrasound will determine the actual days of the foetus that you are carrying.

(MTX) Methotrexate & Misoprostol: If you are upto seven weeks pregnant then this combination of medicines can successfully help in abortion.

(MTP) Mifepristone and Misoprostol: Women who pregnant upto nine months can take this combination of pills. This is one of the most common abortion pills and one can safely perform at home. There are many MTP kit brands of different companies available in pharmacies and online websites.

(MVA) Manual Vacuum Aspiration: Abortion performed usually in clinics with the use of local anaesthesia for pregnancies between 3 and 12 weeks.

Aspiration: Also known as (D&C) dilation and curettage, it is a surgical procedure and pregnancies upto 16 weeks can be terminated.

Induction Abortion: Is when potassium chloride, salt water or urea is injected in the amniotic sac prostaglandins are injected into the vagina, and pitocin is added intravenously. This surgical procedure is rarely performed.

Dilation and Extraction: For pregnancies upto 21 weeks this procedure is used and it can be done only in a hospital.

Late term abortions or abortions in third trimester are not legal in most places except if the medical conditions call for it. There could be abortions upto 24th week of the pregnancy but only if there are medical complications and the health of the mother is in danger. Make sure you have legal permissions to perform late abortions.

If you have an unwanted pregnancy it is best that you made quick decisions and performed an abortion. The quicker it is done the better it is for your health. Using an MTP kit is one of the safest ways to abort.  You can easily buy an MTP kit, brands can be checked online and the best one can be purchased by you. Ensure that you speak to a doctor and get yourself tested before you perform a medical abortion at home.