Although medicines for medical abortion have been made available for quite some time most women have a lot of confusion about using it or what exactly it is meant for. Medical abortion can be performed within the confines of your home. You can easily buy MTP kit online or from a local pharmacy and execute the process. Here are some doubts that women usually have about abortion pills.

  • Many women get confused between morning after pill and an abortion pill. All emergency contraception and morning pills stop ovulation from taking place but if you have already ovulated they won’t stop you from getting pregnant (an exception is the copper Intra Uterine Device). An abortion pill on the other hand stops pregnancy.
  • The abortion pill is a set of two medicines the first is mifepristone which hinders all receptors for progesterone which is the main pregnancy hormone and the misoprostol helps the uterus in ousting the pregnancy. After both medicines you experience bleeding and menstrual cramps. The process usually takes two days.
  • Women always ask whether or not having a medical abortion is safe. The abortion pill is safe provided the medical abortion is performed within 9 weeks of your pregnancy. Also remember that it should be done when someone is around you or under the supervision of your doctor. You should also not be anaemic or be allergic to both the medicines mentioned above.
  • Women may at times experience nausea along with cramping and bleeding. For both situations medicines are prescribed by the doctors for relief. Ibrufin, Advil or Motrin are for pain while Zorfan and Phenegran are for nausea.
  • A medical abortion takes place successfully still to be confirmed that the process has been completed you should get an ultrasound done. Wait for a week before you get an ultrasound done. A health check-up to see whether or not everything is normal should also be done.
  • Don’t get an abortion pill without the consultation of a doctor or a prescription.

Abortion pills are available online and you can buy MTP kit through pharmacy also.